Hey, I’m Cullen.
I empower people to solve problems.

My passion is to architect and develop custom solutions and processes that empower people to grow their businesses.

A little history.

I was a small-town kid from Oklahoma who thought he had life figured out. I would be a welder and work on pipelines before starting my shop. That was the plan… until about a month before classes started, and I made a sharp turn to go to OSU for architectural animation.

As it does for many, my time in college opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. One of those was joining a band. Little did I know what a catalyst it would be for my career. While I was still working in architecture, I built my first website ever for our band. Then I started building sites for other bands and companies as a freelance designer and developer.

While that side hustle was growing, we were still playing shows. One of those was a show in Little Rock, AR, where I made connections that eventually brought me to ST. Louis, MO. That’s where I met my now business partner, Brent Feldman, and later my wife, Stephanie.

Where I am today.

Since co-founding Matchbox Design Group in 2006, I’ve had the privilege to work with incredibly talented designers, developers, and strategists who share this passion and deliver on our high-quality standards. Currently, I am the COO and Director of Engineering for Matchbox.

My mission as COO and Director of Engineering is to streamline our processes as we grow our team’s capabilities and capacity for embracing new technologies. Right now, I’m excited to focus on accessibility education and remediation, full-site editing within WordPress, small business coaching, business operations consulting and optimizing WordPress at scale.

I have an incredible family. My wife, daughter and I love to travel. We have two dogs and three cats that we enjoy adding a little chaos to our lives.

Where I’m going.

Anywhere with an internet connection… preferably with a view of the mountains.

It’s one of the most unique parts of working remotely. I can accomplish the tasks needed to keep my team and clients moving forward as long as I have a decent connection.

When not growing Matchbox, I spend my time with my family, contributing to open-source projects or dreaming up new side hustles while spending time outside.